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What do we do?

Evamor Africa uses innovative, integrated approaches to come up with solutions for tackling key environmental challenges. This involves close and continuous engagement and partnership with various stakeholders such as; communities, businesses, organizations and governments.

Our main drive is to derive benefits to the environment through our projects whilst instilling social-economic values to all we work with and for.

We are for the love of nature.

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Areas of Focus

Besides creating sustainable business through collaboration:

Natural Resource Management

We champion through education and training of communities, industries and concerned players in resource exploitation the sustainable utilization and exploitation of resources.

Environmental Education and Awareness Creation

The organization carries out environmental education in innovative ways to sensitize and create awareness to communities and other corporate players on environmental issues.

Capacity Building and Training

We carry our capacity building activities in form of training to various stakeholders and on a wide range of topics.

Environmental Governance and Advocacy

The organization through partnership with the environmental law bodies hope to engage both the county and national governments in formulating proper and realistic environmental policies that will govern the management and conservation of both the built and natural environments.

SDG #5- Gender Equality and the Environment

Gender and gender roles around the world has evolved over time. In traditional societies, these roles were clearly defined with some activities such as hunting and protection left to men, while taking care of children and homes was mostly left to women. Over time however, the dynamics changed significantly. The advent of the world wars… Read More »SDG #5- Gender Equality and the Environment

Sdg #4: Education

Education is the key to the liberation of the minds of individuals to an elevated state of understanding and potential hastac.org/blogs/jackkunis/2016/12/08/benefits-higher-education. This sentiment is true in that education is a major player in determining the quality of life of an individual, and in many cases,of the community at large. Both formal and informal education are… Read More »Sdg #4: Education

TRAVELERS – Key contributors to haphazard waste disposal in Kenya

Travelling is an experience many of us go through on a day to day basis. We commute to work and back home, to visit friends and family, and even for leisure. These trips may be long and tiring or short and convenient.  In Kenya, the main mode of travel is via public transport. An efficient,… Read More »TRAVELERS – Key contributors to haphazard waste disposal in Kenya

Nairobi’s Green Spaces

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya was founded in the year 1899. The name Nairobi having its origin from a Massai Phrase Enkare Nairobi, which means cool waters. It is also popularly referred to as the green city in the Sun. There are many perks that make our city unique. It houses the headquarters of… Read More »Nairobi’s Green Spaces

Water Conservation- practical actions for businesses, schools, farmers & individuals

With the delayed rains being experienced in Kenya, the importance of water is coming into focus. The lack of reliable rainfall affects many spheres of the economy, from agriculture  food security, industry and even culture. In this case, the crisis has been caused by various factors which include Cyclone Idai(wikipedia), and a variability in climate(Standard… Read More »Water Conservation- practical actions for businesses, schools, farmers & individuals

SDG #1- Poverty

Poverty, the first Sustainable Development Goal just like all other 16, has a linkage to the natural environment. This inter-linkage is manifested in various ways, with the poor affecting the environment and in turn, the environment playing a role in making their situation better or in some cases.

SDG #3: Ensure Healthy Lives & Promote Well-being For All Ages

This third goal as clearly stipulated on title is all about Healthcare. Ensuring the world’s population has access to:- proper healthcare, healthcare education, preventive and curative measures and promoting research for  a healthy society. The health of a nation is critical because it has great impact on the development of the nation. An ideal population… Read More »SDG #3: Ensure Healthy Lives & Promote Well-being For All Ages


. It is tragic when, one part of a country suffers from sever hunger while another part is watching food rot for being too much than they can consume.

Birds – more than just flight

Birds, scientifically known as Aves, are important species of biodiversity. Classified in the kingdom Animalia and Phylum Chordata They are characterized by a number of common features such as having:- Feathers Wings Beaks Reproduce by laying eggs Having a hollow bone structure, which supports their ability to fly. They are used in poetry, are a… Read More »Birds – more than just flight


YES!! It is that day, the 5th of June. A day set aside to come together as a world and celebrate and appreciate the gift of nature and its resources. This is a day where celebrations are led by the UN. This year the country that is hosting the World Environmental day is India. A… Read More »WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, 2018

SDGs – 17 Goals for a better Earth

  In September 2015, 193 countries signed in on the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the SDGs during a United nations Development Summit facilitated by the United Nations in New York.During that period of discussions, world leaders and experts in various fields sat together in various forums trying to figure out where the hell… Read More »SDGs – 17 Goals for a better Earth

Forests, Green Treasure

It is WORLD FORESTS DAY today, a day when the world comes together and we celebrate this gift from nature. We all interact with forests in one way or another. For some of us, this resource serves a basic need for others it serves secondary needs.When we talk of forests, do not just think of… Read More »Forests, Green Treasure

The Rains are Here!!

It has been nearly two years since drought ravaged Kenya and the East Africa regional block. Despite these intense effects experienced through the region, no government has come forth to declare the current drought as a national disaster. With this failure of the governments to bring this issue to the attention of its people, drought… Read More »The Rains are Here!!

Principles of Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation is a term used to refer to actions that champion and advocate for the protection and preservation of the environment. It is a term that has become very vocal since the 19th century when the state of the environment began getting a global focus. As much as efforts have been put in place… Read More »Principles of Environmental Conservation

Social Entrepreneurship as a driver of Environmental Conservation

According to the world data team, the current population of human beings around the world stands at a whooping 7.5 billion persons, as of the year 2017. The 7.5 billion are entitled to food,shelter and clothing, which are considered as basic human needs and, are sourced from the natural resources Mother Nature provides.However, it has… Read More »Social Entrepreneurship as a driver of Environmental Conservation

Businesses for Nature

The best way to make a difference is by solving the problems facing our society.

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